Our aim is to help professionals thrive and grow as leaders within organizations.  Leading for Good provides three kinds of services to our organizational clients.

•    Executive coaching services
•    Professional and leadership development services
•    Teambuilding services


Executive Coaching Services - Individual Leaders

We offer one-on-one executive coaching engagements for mid and senior level leaders.

We always work in collaboration with key organizational stakeholders and the coaching clients to outline concrete goals and desired results for the coaching relationship.  A typical engagement ranges between four months to eight months, and requires a minimum of at least three months to create meaningful change. 

Often, we begin an assignment by gathering feedback about the leader through a 360 process.   This leads into awareness raising and goal setting, and the creation of a concrete development plan with concrete milestones and desired results.  

We coach leaders across a broad range of leadership, professional and personal topics, and have had particular success in the following areas:
•    Enhancing interpersonal acumen and emotional intelligence
•    Identifying and leading from strengths
•    Maximizing productivity, personal effectiveness and resilience
•    Managing both role and organizational transitions
•    Building effective relationships, teams and cultures.

In addition, we can play different roles for our clients, depending on nature of assignment and the individual’s particular goals and needs.  Often, we alternate these roles within a given conversation or engagement. 

  • Trusted Advisor  – We engage in key business and leadership challenges with alongside our clients
  • Facilitative Guide  – We facilitate our clients’ learning and insights through a process of discovery. 
  • Skillbuilding Trainer –  Because of our background in professional and leadership development,
    we are able to support our clients in acquiring new techniques and approaches for greater effectiveness.

Executive Coaching Services -  Leadership Development Programs

We also work with clients in the context of a broader leadership development initiative or program.  In this capacity, we partner with our clients to understand the goals of the program, and design and manage executive coaching services to ensure it is aligned and integrated with broader organizational and program goals.  

We strategize with our clients on how our clients can make the investment most valuable and relevant for organizational and individual clients.  Our coaching programs for leadership development programs often include the following:

•    Workshop for clients on how to get most from coaching
•    360 Feedback assessments
•    Job shadow/observation and debriefing
•    Developmental planning tools and process
•    One on one follow on coaching



We assist organizations with the identification, strategy-setting phase of leadership development on through the design and facilitation of leadership development initiatives and programs.  We believe that leadership development programs should be suited to pace of business today, and our programs are efficient and in line with adult learning and development theories.  

We run professional development series for organizations, whereby we select 3-4 readings annually for our client organizations based on strategic priorities and facilitate 2-hour facilitated workshops with peer colleagues that allow for reflection, discussion and application of relevant and practical tools to their organizational context.  Simple, engaging and efficient, these series prove to spark creativity, create community and enable learning and application at a reasonable pace over time. 

We offer workshops on the following topics:

•    Coaching Others for Growth and Performance
•    Design Process for Innovation
•    Delivering and Facilitating Feedback Conversations
•    Facilitating Creativity in Yourself and Others
•    Honing Emotional Intelligence for Leadership

Our goal with workshops is to help you and your team to think and communicate more effectively, so you and your team can operate at their best. 


Teambuilding Services

We support the growth and development of teams at all stages of a team cycle: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.  We design and facilitate a number of valuable group coaching and/or developmental experiences for your unique needs.

  • New Leader Assimilations
  • Vision and Mission Setting 
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Strengthsfinder or FIRO-B for Teams
  • SWOT, Start, Stop, Continue and/or Norming Sessions
  • Mediation of Team Member Conflicts
  • Retreat Design and Facilitation