Leading for Good, Inc

We provide executive coaching, teambuilding and leadership development services for both for profit and non profit organizations.  Our work is about helping our clients hone their leadership and professional skills so they can thrive in organizations.

As our name indicates, we partner with client organizations that want to invest in growing their people, creating engaging and high performing cultures, and delivering products and/or services with a broader mission of contribution.

We are experts in the psychology of people in the workplace:  

  • We are studied in what leaders can do to motivate and engage people, one person at a time.   
  • We are studied in the ingredients and practices that lead to high performing teams.  
  • We understand how leaders and organizations build inspiring and high performing cultures 

Weaving expertise from individual and organizational psychology, as well as brain and human performance science, we elicit fresh thinking and forwarding growth for our clients so they can fulfill their organizational aspirations and objectives.

We support individuals and teams to change their operating assumptions, learn professional and leadership skills,  enhance their leadership mindset and change their patterns and behaviors for greater confidence, clear intentions and enhanced results. 

Let us help you and your organization unlock your leadership potential and unleash your peak performance.